Case Study: Kawana Library Design & Installation

by more quantum

Kawana Library Design & Installation: Quantum was involved in the following aspects of the project: Liaison with the architects and designers (Bark Architecture) to interpret their concepts, make the practical operational changes required for approval and provide working 3D renderings of the library space.

2. Design and manufacture of height-adjustable reception Pods.

3. Design and manufacture of curved library shelving and curved display areas, with sliding CD / DVD storage drawers.

4. Manufacture and supply of seating areas and chairs.

5. Removal of library collection from previous location and replaced, in order, in new shelving at new library.

UNIQUE FEATURES PRODUCED BY QUANTUM • TWIN SNAKES –Seating and display area, improving on an existing design with routed acrylic panels, strengthened seating and casters for mobility and area usage flexibility. • CURVED SHELVING in reading area • HUB & SPOKE Circular library shelving • The Library’s “Melaleuca” VINYL WRAP design was installed and procured by SCL property services

Photo: Tania MacMillan

MEDIA RELEASE KAWANA LIBRARY Founded in 1896, we have become a bold and adventurous 21st century library driven by a commitment to access for all.

SLQ belongs to the people of Queensland. It is an inclusive and welcoming place for all, a trusted source for information, and a place for intellectual freedom, a cornerstone of democracy and custodian of Queensland’s memory. SLQ is a ‘knowledge bank’ and vital community resource, as much a physical as well as a virtual place for sharing, learning, collaborating, and creation. As a community hub for democracy in action, here everyone is encouraged to have a voice.

Photo: Tania MacMillan

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