Designing experience in a digital age: Quantum Libraries on the new Service Pod

by Andrew Lee


The UQ pods are excellent examples of how we design creative solution that not only meet the customers’ requirements but exceed expectations. Our comprehensive experience in customized furniture insures we can take projects from concept to design and then build and install a high quality product.


The UQ height adjustable pods’ initial design was based on the customer’s brief requiring a large single piece counter with three height adjustable sections. However as the project evolved and the customers changing needs became apparent the final design was to forgo the single structure and build three standalone service pods that create a more friendly approached space.  .


The final product is three height adjustable pods. Each pod consisting of


• A hard wearing visually appealing acrylic counter top
• Electronic height adjustable function
• Long lasting height adjustable system
• Cable management try system.
• Custom rolled and powder coated aluminium sheet
• Each pod can have vinyl decals and can be changed easily as required


Photo: Tania MacMillan

Service pods are becoming more popular as libraries seek ways to offer patrons a greater experience by removing the barriers between patrons and Library staff. Quantum Libraries can design and build custom furniture based on your libraries needs and budget.

Photo: Tania MacMillan


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