Design Superior Study Areas in Your School Library, with Custom Booth Seating in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Sunshine Coast

Many things define an excellent school library. First off, it needs top-tier organisation, provided by a suitable shelving solution. There needs to be optimal space for every book, reference or resource in the library, as well as an intuitive way more.

Tidy up Your Classrooms, with Bag Rack Fitouts in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Sunshine Coast

It's a common sight in school buildings: classrooms, cafeterias or outdoor play areas cluttered with students' backpacks or lunchboxes. Ideally, students will have lockers or cubbies where they can store their belongings during the day. Sometimes, though, more.

With Years of Custom Shelving Experience, QUANTUM Libraries is your Source for Storeroom Shelving in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Sunshine Coast

Whether it's excess stock for a bookstore, a storage room for medical supplies or a storeroom for virtually any type of commercial business, QUANTUM Libraries can help. We design custom storeroom shelving for clients like you in Sydney, Brisbane, more.

QUANTUM Libraries: Science Lab Fitouts in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Sunshine Coast That Are Built to Last

At QUANTUM Libraries, it has always been one of our top goals to provide school seating, shelving, tables and other furniture that is genuinely durable. We understand that schools need to preserve their budgets wherever possible, but that they also more.

Work with QUANTUM Libraries for Your Custom Classroom Fitouts in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle or Sunshine Coast

Your school building just underwent some fairly major renovations, and you are in the process of preparing the building and its various classrooms for a new school year. In addition to the renovation, you have some leftover money in the budget to purchase more.

Finding Everything You Need from Library Counters to Reception Benches in Brisbane

There is a lot that goes into making a library fully operational, something that you know only too well if you are in the process of looking for library equipment. Finding quality library counters or reception benches in Brisbane, among other items for more.

QUANTUM Library Security Systems and Library Return Systems in Sydney

QUANTUM Libraries has been in the business of outfitting libraries for over 30 years. Through this rich history, the company has learned the needs of the industry, and become a national leader in creating and building the products to make libraries efficient more.

Exploring Options for Library Relocations in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, and Sunshine Coast Locations

A library relocation can be an incredibly complex and challenging job. It presents many tough challenges, from the design and organisation of a new space to finding quality equipment to outfit that space. Working with a company that excels in more.

QUANTUM Libraries: your supplier for custom library shelving in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, and Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for custom library shelving anywhere in the country, QUANTUM Libraries should be your top choice. With over 30 years of experience, this privately owned library supply company is a leader in outfitting libraries and can build more.

Exploring the Benefits of Mobile Library Shelving in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne Facilities

Complex library facilities demand many different types of solutions. There are many things that you should consider when you are seeking storage for books, DVDs, and other types of materials, whether that is for a traditional library environment or a more.

Creating Unique Spaces with Curved Library Shelving in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

Certain spaces can present certain challenges, and finding the right shelving solutions can be difficult. Finding unique space is especially true when you want to create special spaces such as reading areas in your library. You want to have the more.

Need a Library RFID System in Brisbane?

QUANTUM Libraries is the premier source for all your library technology needs. Our QUANTUM Technology innovations in RFID systems can provide equipment for security gates, self-checkout and self-return systems, automated electronic returns bins, and more.

A Truly Modern Library RFID System for Sydney

If you’re considering a Library RFID system for your Sydney school, business, or library, QUANTUM Libraries has a solution to fit your needs. With over 30 years of experience in the library field, we can help you embrace the future of library more.

Upgrade to a Library RFID System in Newcastle

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of upgrading from barcodes to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system? QUANTUM Libraries has the knowledge and skills you need to develop the perfect Library RFID system in your Newcastle location. With well over more.

Contact QUANTUM Libraries for your Library RFID System on the Sunshine Coast

Curious about a Library RFID System in the Sunshine Coast area? Not sure if it’s right for your library, school, or corporation? QUANTUM Libraries, Australia’s premier library solutions company, can answer all your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) more.

QUANTUM's Library RFID System can optimise the operations of any library in Melbourne.

The Tesol Library of the University of Queensland needed a transformation. The existing collection area of the library made it challenging and cumbersome to handle book loans and returns. Frustrated, the University of Queensland turned to QUANTUM more.

QUANTUM service desk furniture is the best in Brisbane

Some years ago, the Kingaroy Library needed to relocate its entire facility to a new location. To make the process easier, the library contacted QUANTUM Libraries to help out with the design of the new library. We helped choose new shelving, chairs and more.

If you’re looking for a particular style of service desk or furniture in Sydney, consider QUANTUM Libraries' equipment

The Ascot State School was slated to be one of "Tomorrow's Schools" in Australia, but finding a proper design for a modern school aesthetic proved to be difficult. The idea was to bring bright and vivid colours to the library, but standard library more.

Let QUANTUM Libraries be your supplier for service desk furniture in the Newcastle area

The relocation of the Griffith was one of the largest relocation projects that QUANTUM Libraries has undertaken in its three decades of operation. The Griffith Library needed to relocate five collections, spanning over 20,300 shelves. Despite the more.

Ergonomics of Service Desk Furniture on the Sunshine Coast Improved

Bella called in sick, again. It's her rotation to cover the main circulation desk. Ever since the car accident that left her wheelchair bound, she has had a difficult time working the desks. There isn't enough room behind your C-shaped circulation desk more.

Service Desk Furniture in Melbourne’s Libraries Slim Down

The new building is finally finished. Excitement has spread throughout the staff, board members and patrons. You have already gone through your inventory of fixtures and furniture and decided what you will keep and what will be donated. Ten minutes more.

Library OPAC Stations in Brisbane Bring Relief to Taxed Staff

The new budget is in, and it doesn't look good. Your already small library staff will need to shed another employee per shift. That brings you down to two staff members at any given time. You are now tasked with how to serve your members while more.

OPAC Stations in Sydney Libraries Streamline Material Acquisition

It's five minutes before closing, and a young college student comes rushing in desperate for help. You are busy across the floor from the circulation desk restacking books for the next day. The student finds you and asks you where she can find a more.

Search with Ease on the Library OPAC Stations in Newcastle

It’s finally happening! After years of fundraising, grant writing, and community donations, your library has been green lit to move into a bigger, state-of-the-art facility of your dreams. Now what? You focused all your energy on financing, but not more.

Sleek OPAC Stations Upgrade Libraries on the Sunshine Coast

Upgrades to technology happen in the blink of an eye. The hardware you bought last month is already on its way to obsolescence. One area that hasn’t seen much updating is libraries. QUANTUM Libraries wants to change that by bringing OPAC stations to more.

Library OPAC Stations in Melbourne Optimize Floor Space

While computers get smaller, the demand for exhaustive library collections rise. Unlike the number of books available in print, your library's building is not growing. QUANTUM Libraries, formerly QLS, helps maximise your layout by bringing customizations more.

Balance Comfort and Utility with Library Furniture in Brisbane

Libraries have become a social hub. Already associated with education, libraries are used for study groups and research. Additionally, community events such as children’s story time, thematic book clubs, and craft groups have made the local more.

Innovate Your Library Furniture in Sydney with Curved Shelving

Take advantage of all the available space in your library with curved shelving. Curved shelving allows you to step outside the box of the traditional square boxed layout of most libraries. You can use library furniture to design unique spaces in more.

Mobile Library Furniture in Newcastle Gives You Flexibility

Your library's needs are constantly changing. The demographics of your audience shifts over the years and throughout the year. During the school year, you may serve teenagers much more. During the summer, you may see a rise in young children and more.

Design Better Libraries with Library Furniture in the Sunshine Coast

The design of your library is important. Visitors may take one look inside and make a quick judgment about whether to enter. A library with a good layout is much more inviting than a cramped library. Using the layout of library furniture, you can make more.

Make a Great Library with Custom Designed Library Furniture in Melbourne

Each library is unique. The amount of space available, the types of people who use the library, the personality of the place, there are so many factors about each location that affect the layout of the library. You need a specially designed solution more.

Long-Lasting Bag Rack, Science Lab, and Custom Classroom Fitouts in Townsville

Your classroom layout has a significant effect on a teacher's ability to hold students' attention as well as how children can communicate with each other. Plus, it's ideal to have a layout that's easy to tweak should your needs change in the more.

Trust QUANTUM Libraries for Bag Rack, Science Lab, and Custom Classroom Fitouts in Rockhampton

Nowadays, schools in Rockhampton are under more pressure than ever to achieve high results, particularly since parents can be particularly selective regarding their child's education. If you want to keep winning the hearts of parents so that more.

Contact Us When You Need Science Lab, Custom Classroom, and Bag Rack Fitouts in Cairns

Cairns is undeniably one of the most beautiful areas in Queensland, and, as such, it attracts many parents who wish to relocate their families to one of the most esteemed cities in the state. However, because there are plenty of schools to choose more.

Look No Further for the Best Custom Classroom, Science Lab, and Bag Rack Fitouts in Mackay

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging jobs in the world because parents place their trust in you to take care of their child's well-being and development. Your school needs to boast excellent facilities for children to learn and unlock more.

A Guide to Obtaining Bag Rack, Science Lab and Custom Classroom Fitouts Throughout Sunshine Coast

If you want your school to be considered state of the art, it’s vital that you provide it with the right facilities. The environment you create in your institution will have a marked impact on the young people who go there every day. It will set more.

How to Arrange Bag Rack, Science Lab, and Custom Classroom Fitouts Anywhere in Bundaberg

When you run an educational institution in Bundaberg, you often find yourself juggling many responsibilities at once. Learning how to prioritise significant and time-sensitive matters is the best way to make sure you can help your school thrive more.

Find Bag Rack, Science Lab, and Custom Classroom Fitouts in Hervey Bay

Every child attending school in Hervey Bay deserves to spend their days in comfortable facilities where they can focus. If you’re an administrator at a Hervey Bay school, you have an important responsibility to make sure that the furniture and more.

Innovations in Library Book Return Systems, Book Handling Automation and Security Gates

Automation in library systems has become something of a buzzword these days. With many library managers eager to find solutions to the common problems that manual shelving and book handling can pose, it’s no surprise that such systems more.

Australia-Made Library Lounge Furniture and other Furnishings from Trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers

It’s no secret that the face of libraries is rapidly changing in the digital age. Rather than worrying about what these changing trends mean for your facility, by embracing these innovative modernisation opportunities you can potentially more.

Break Out of ‘The Fortress’ with Height-Adjustable Library Reception Pods

The traditional image of the bulky library reception counter with its stern, bespectacled librarian might be somewhat reminiscent of a fortress, something that keeps the public at arm’s length and is far from inviting. Thankfully, as more.

How QUANTUM Libraries Makes Library Relocations in Brisbane Simple

Libraries need renovations or upgrades to their facilities from time to time, and as every library manager knows, this means relocating perhaps dozens of bookshelves and thousands of books while the work is in progress. How do you take more.

Choosing Library Furniture and Where to Buy Library Seating, Circulation Desks, Tables and Chairs in Australia

When you’re choosing furniture for a library, you’ll see that there are seemingly endless options and that narrowing down your choices can be daunting. You’ll want to select pieces that meet the library’s needs and those of its users more.

QUANTUM Libraries for Custom Library Shelving, Shelves, Bookcase, and Bookshelves in Australia

Library shelves do much more than merely hold books. Modern libraries deserve more than bookshelves that look like warehouse racking. That’s because making a library user-friendly, attractive, and fun, the shelving is about more than more.

What Students Want in a Library and Finding a Library Supply Store or Company in Australia for the Supplies You Need

When you’re designing a library, how can you make the best choices for the students who will use it? There’s more to it than simply picking out some bookshelves, tables, and chairs. Excellent library design incorporates several more.

Need a Book Cart or Library Trolley on Wheels? QUANTUM Libraries Can Help

Library carts may not seem very glamorous, but they are one of the most important items in a library or classroom. They started out as simple book carts to help librarians shelve books more efficiently, but they turned out to be so more.