Quantum Technology – the Smart Choice

Why Choose Quantum
Quantum Libraries is the market leader in supplying high quality, durable and versatile technology based products.

Quantum Technology is used extensively throughout the library & educational industry in schools, universities, councils, museums, hospitals and art galleries across Australia. All Our RFID products meet and are compatible with ISO 28560 standards and will work with most LMS on the market.


With over 30 years’ experience of operating our own Cabinet Making & Light Steel Engineering Workshops including 12 years’ operating an Electronics Based Workshop, When you choose quantum you can be sure that we will deliver a high quality system that work exactly as expected.

training for staff and happily provide trouble-shooting assistance over the phone, should any issues arise.

the Smart Choice



Our extensive Quantum Techology range includes, but is not limited to:


Self Service Loans Units (EM/RFID options)
Self Service Returns Units (EM/RFID options)
Controlled Access Self Service Returns Chutes (RF/EM/RFID options)
Self Service Returns & Sorting Systems (EM/RFID options)
Automated Electronic Returns Bins
Security Gates (RF/EM/RFID options)
Staff Operated Check Out/In Units
Security Tag Reactivation/Deactivation units
Sorting & Returns Benches
Courier Box Lifter Systems
Conveyor Systems
Customised Returns Chutes & Slides