Design Superior Study Areas in Your School Library, with Custom Booth Seating in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Sunshine Coast

Many things define an excellent school library. First off, it needs top-tier organisation, provided by a suitable shelving solution. There needs to be optimal space for every book, reference or resource in the library, as well as an intuitive way to organise them all. Secondly, every school library needs comfortable, space-conscious seating solutions, so that students have the right environment in which to study.

At QUANTUM Libraries, we understand what our customers are looking for when they come to us for school library solutions. Formerly known as Queensland Library Services, we have been a leading national supplier of library equipment for 38 years. Nowadays, we are known as QUANTUM Libraries, but our product focus remains in place. We know libraries and can provide you with the furniture and equipment you need to design the perfect school library.

Custom Booth Seating in Sydney or Sunshine Coast

Booth seating is a terrific way to provide ample seating and studying place in a library while also conserving space. At QUANTUM Libraries, we offer custom booth seating in Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and throughout Australia. We can dream up a booth seating solution to suit the size, floor plan, design and visual style of your library. With our help, you can provide students with plenty of room to sit down, spread out and study—all without creating too much clutter or getting in the way of the shelving setup.

In addition to custom booth seating in Newcastle and Brisbane, QUANTUM Libraries can also provide a range of other seating solutions for your library. From simple chairs and tables to wheel stools for computer workstations, all the way to more comfortable couches, armchairs and ottomans for reading, we have everything you need to fill out your library with seating and study space. When you pair these products with our wealth of shelving solutions, it’s clear that QUANTUM Libraries is the place to shop if you need a full library fitout.

Serving School Libraries from throughout Australia

What makes QUANTUM Libraries an effective choice for high school and university library fitouts in Australia is our experience. We have been working in this industry for decades and have done many library fitouts in that time. We have an intimate understanding of what our customers need when it comes to library shelving solutions, seating spaces, tables, workstations and more. We can work with you to design the perfect fitout to suit your space.

Do you need a custom booth seating design in Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Sydney or Brisbane? Do you need a new shelving design for a growing library? Do you just need a few new gas-lift chairs for your librarians? No matter what you need, give QUANTUM Libraries a call. We are happy to talk you through our catalogue, let you know about our available solutions and help you choose the ideal products for your space. Reach us today on 1800 773 374.