Innovate Your Library Furniture in Sydney with Curved Shelving

Take advantage of all the available space in your library with curved shelving. Curved shelving allows you to step outside the box of the traditional square boxed layout of most libraries. You can use library furniture to design unique spaces in your Sydney library.

Create a circular reading area for different age groups. This will allow the more active young ones to wiggle and play in their area without distracting older readers. Each reading area can be a closed part of the library, making sure visitors do not distract each other.

Set up different displays to show off top book picks or library recommendations, or even highlight the work of a visiting speaker. Curved shelving allows you to set apart special books for visitors to notice visually.

Change the atmosphere of your Sydney library with library furniture. You can make certain areas open and inviting, while others remain secluded and peaceful.

The frames provided by Quantum Libraries are of the highest quality. The frames are curved, but the shelves are straight to ensure secure stacking of books. End brackets help keep the books in the right order. Our products are Australian made and come with a ten-year guarantee. Our shelves are built to last. We work to provide stellar customer service and are happy to meet with you to design the best curved shelving for your library. We have created custom designed spaces for over thirty years and are happy to create the optimal layout for your unique space and preferences.